Monday, January 17, 2005

new releases!

Lifeform Project presents...

Layborn - In This I Heard You EP (lp010)

"In This I heard You" EP (LP010)
1. Amber Part One
2. Amended
3. Eye Washed Returned
4. In The I Heard You

Layborn aka Darren Leybourne in has been quietly producing music in Winnipeg, Canada for many years. His sound is a progression of over 4 years of searching for "that sound." In his current state of production he has embraced minimal, ambient and exploritory aspects of tech-house. Every track is created with a conceptual approach and of a deeply personal nature. Which results in Darren having countless productions and very little official releases. Until now.

"In This I Heard You EP" is a glimpse into the conceptual album "Sullen City and the Subconscious Ritual" having constructed the city's sound on the bases of minimal, ambient and explorations of sound in general. This album is still being built.


Evan Valentine - Fish Food EP (lp011)

"Fish Food" EP (LP011)
1. Intro
2. Lone Beep
3. Self-Help Book
4. Every River You Can Think Of (Evan Valentine & Adm)
5. All You Do Is Dooks
6. Regal Energy Guide
7. Trebor
8. Some Different Sounds Than We Anticipated

Evan Valentine the citizen became Evan Valentine the digital musician around Christmas 1996, at the age of 15. He has since become interested in a wide variety of musical expressions, including various acoustic instruments, folk stylings, IDM, and ambient music. Although 95% of Evan's output is through software synthesis and production methods, this blend of electronic styles is always gleaming inspiration from other forms of playable music.


Zeph - Blinded By The Brilliance Of Others EP (lp012)

"Blinded By The Brilliance Of Others" EP (LP012)
1. Blinded By The Brilliance Of Others
2. May I Recommend Eating Your Enemies
3. I Quit The Game Of Life
4. A Ghost In Forgotten Memory
5. Profaned By An Unworthy Hand
6. Soul Channel

Zeph. Zane O'Brien. A boy drowning in his own ideals, struggling to find some sort of reality that he can cope with.

Zeph (zef)
1. An Anomaly
2. A Benevolent Force Of Pure Chaos

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

for now...

Ok, so until the new site is up, I'm going to use this weblog to post info about current releases, events & artist updates.

Current Release:

Genetic : Leighf

Organic happenings abound. Click. Ripple. Buzz. Pluck. Leaves are the flowers of Autumn.

1. 1978
2. Melo V3
3. Nmrm
4. Amanda Butterfly
5. Sp Sndz
6. Friendshiplovelife
7. Berzinel
8. Ameli Root

New EP's from Evan Valentine, Layborn & Zeph coming Jan 17th!

Keep Smiling.